Spanish classes in Cuba and Argentina

Dear friends of the Spanish language!

It is a unique experience to learn a language. The Spanish language offers a number of possibilities to move around more easily in this world. Apart from the fact that a lot of interesting salsa or tango lyrics get lost without knowing the language, a great part of the Western world speaks Spanish: In Spain, of course, they do and in most Latin American and Caribbean countries. Even in some parts of the USA it is almost easier to converse in Spanish than in English :-)...

During the last months, we have tried to extend and to improve our language offers in Cuba and in Argentina. In Cuba you will now profit from private lessons when booking any of our language classes. The advantage: You can decide together with your teacher about the intensity of class and about the percentage of practical classes (for example on the street, on the market, in the bar...) and theoretical training in the class rooms of the language school. The prices for the courses have not increased despite the improvement of service. If you wish to apply as a couple or a small group, having the same language level, we can also organize the course for a mini group.

There is also an extensive language programme for Argentina. The Spanish classes are linked to a cultural programme, which is supposed to guide our guests through the cultural life of the Argentinian Capital Buenos Aires. The language classes are highly qualified and intensive. There are also possibilities for taking classes in business Spanish, private classes or additional classes. We offer 16 different accomodation possibilities. Buenos Aires:

If you prefer travelling to Cuba, have a look here:

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