DYM - Brazilian News from 29th of August

Dear friends of Brazilian music!

After having been able to “enjoy” Brazilian athmosphere (HEAT) everywhere in many other parts of the world during the last weeks, we can now also offer you new hot music.

We have just received a new shipment from Brazil, and thus we have incorporated two new pages of recommendations.

>From now on you can not only see and listen to our BRAZILIAN MUSIC: OUR RECOMMENDATIONS




To start with, we would like to present two speacial new releases:

CHICLETE COM BANANA - Ao Vivo (Na Caixa-Banana No Cacho),

which means something like “Rubber back in the box - bananas back on the shrubs”. Thus: Back-to-the-Roots with all the famous HITS ‘Quere Chiclete’, ‘Cabelo Raspadinho’, ‘Rumba De Santa Clara (with Carlinhos Brown) etc.. The audience celebrates every single track and creates a wonderful HAPPY MOOD.



We definitely don’t get any percentages of NISSAN sales, but many of our customers asked us for the music to the NISSAN advertising spot. We got the necessary information with the help of a journalist (Band: Tejo, Black Alien e Speed - Titel : Quem que Caguetou) and we discovered the complete CD in Brazil. It is a brilliant soundtrack! Crossover, gentle HipHop, Rock and Techno: you will find everything the Brazilian music scene offers apart from the well-known dance music.

The movie with the same title (award-winning: Berlinale 2002) tells the story of 3 friends, who run a building enterprise together and who hire a killer in order to eliminate possible contrahents. After having done the ‘job’, the killer wants more and occupies the three friends’ lives. (O Invasor=The invader)

Not only music information this time, but a CD which is worthwhile listening to:


With warm regards from Hamburg!

Your DYM - team

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