DYM - Newsmail Salsa from 12.09.03

Dear friends of Latin American music and culture!

New and fresh: 2 Salsa-CDs, which DJs as well as dancers will equally love. These are not the only new releases, but we would like to emphasize them here:

Orquesta La Palabra: Breakthrough

A Salsa production eagerly awaited, which is finally available in Europe The second CD by Orquesta La Palabra surprises sometimes, carries away and thrills you. This is not only our opinion but also the opinion of the music specialist Rob Lücking “DJ Zorro” from http://www.salsa-charts.com, who judged “Breakthrough” CD of the month. This is the summary of his review translated into English: “... Palabra has released a CD, which makes you forget even ON FIRE [their debut CD]. ON FIRE was more jazzy and innovative, BREAKTHROUGH is a pure Salsa CD. And a great one!!! This is first class Club Salsa!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if this album would have a similar impact like the nearly-Grammy-winners Spanish Harlem Orchestra last year. [...] My CD of the month, maybe THE CD of the year???” Not convinced yet? Try yourself:


Las Estrellas Cobo: Heavy Duty

Top Salsa from New York with an incredible line-up. The list of participants makes every Salsa addict stand in awe: Alfredo Valdés Jr. (piano), Manny Oquendo (timbales), Alfredo de la Fe (violin), Jimmy Sabater (vocals), and many more top-class musicians. This is heavy duty, indeed!


Best regards from Hamburg!

Your DYM - team

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