19.01.2005: The new welcome area of our website

The new welcome area of our website

Dear friends of Danza y Movimiento!

As we announced a couple of weeks ago, you as a recipient of our newsletter have the chance to vote for the new look of our website, that is the welcome area. In total we have received five drafts from four web designers. Now we like you to tell us which of those is your personal favourite.

Join our voting and win one of three brand new CDs!

Taking some minutes and a closer look at the five drafts will surely give you hint at the projects we are currently working on or will work on in the next months. Don't get confused by certain products - of course we won't offer german wines - but surely a good caribbean rum. The pictures are also just occupying the yet free spaces. If the corresponding draft ends up at the top spot, those spaces will be filled with our own pictures. And now have fun viewing the five drafts!

The links at not longer available ...

And now your feedback:
1. If I win, I'd like to have a CD with music of the following style:
( ) Tango
( ) Salsa
( ) Brazil

2. My favourite is:
( ) Draft 1
( ) Draft 2
( ) Draft 3
( ) Draft 4
( ) Draft 5

3. Here's another thing I want to tell you:

That's it. Thank you very much for letting us now about your impressions!

Best regards
Matthias Möbius
The DYM-Team Appendix:
If you want to see more designs from the web designers who sent in their drafts, please check out their websites:
- Andreas Wichter at www.fluxusquo.de
- Gisa Kersting and Andreas Jeck from int.act design at www.iamp.de
- Tino Urbiks at www.grafikarbeiter.de
- Sorry, but Nadine Milí Saint-Ives’ website is under construction!

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