24.03.2005: Vico C, Yumuri, Ryota Komatsu San Telmo Lounge

1. New Releases Latin: VICO C, YUMURI ...
2. New Releases Tango: RYOTA KOMATSU, SAN TELMO LOUNGE ...

Dear friends of latin American music and culture!

After checking all new release of Latin- and Tango-music, that reached us in the past weeks, we have to admit that we could issue a newsmail each 48 hours and still there would be enough material to inform you about. Incredible. Now it’s difficult to deceide which CD’s need to be introduced by this mail and which one will easily find it’s audience without any info. Therefore we kindly ask you to always look up our new-releases pages in our webshop, in order to surely don’t miss anything.

We now have choosen the following to be in the spotlight of this mail:

1.1 VICO C- Desahogo
A new album and life-sign of the LATIN-RAP trailblazer, which was the most important artist for this genre in the past. His return is intensified by f. e. GILBERTO SANTA ROSA and IVY QUENN. Every track is in spanish language. Unfortunately this is no longer tipical in LATIN-RAP.

Latin-Rap with VICO C

1.2 YUMURI y sus Hermanos - SALSA Y CANDELA
Everybody’s waiting for MANOLITO to heaten up the TIMBA (Cuban Salsa). But none other than YUMURI is celebrating it with his new CD. Within this music everything fits quiet perfectly. The rythm, voice and tempo. Recorded last spring in Cuba, this disc shows best, what the TIMBA should be used for only: Dance, Dance, Dance


The new CD of FRANKIE NEGRON intimates how RICKY MARTIN could sound now, if he had not turned his back on SALSA. “Amanecer Contigo” serves Salsa-Romantica at it’s best.

Salsa-Romantica with FRANKIE NEGRON

CD’s like this one are real fun. Domingo Quinones did not release any new material for such a longtime, that not only a few have thought he would have quit music. But suddenly there he is again, with songs that sound like someones Debut-CD. Unbelievable fresh and full of ideas (hidden track # 11) this one’s very close to a so-called rebirth.

DOMINGO QUINONES with hidden track


2.1 RYOTA KOMATSU - Tangologue
This last CD of Ryota Komatsu is by far his most ambitious work today. Whether his arrangements of foreign material or his own compositions, noone else is creating such beautifull space for all instruments to be free to shine.

RYOTA KOMATSU - Tangologue

2.2 SAN TELMO LOUNGE - Madrugada En Backcelonia
YES, finally. After last years’ EP “McDougall Tango” we now have the full-length Debut-CD of this TANGO/JAZZ ELECTRONIC - Trio from Buenos Aires. They are herewith showing us how the Jazz is helping the Tango to avoid being screwed up by too much Electronic. Thrilling, indeed.

Tango meets Jazz meets Electronic from SAN TELMO LOUNGE

2.3 BAILONGO - Nuevos Aires
We are keeping with TANGO/JAZZ and introducing this EP (small CD with 5 tracks), in order to show how this type of crossover-music can even sound unsophisticated ! After this huge TANGO/Electronic-releases in the past, we are always feeling kind of relieved listening to music that’s reduced to the nitty-gritty, without any filler.

BAILONGO - Nuevos Aires

At least one more TANGO/ELECTRONIC.
Jaime Wilensky (Pianist) is herewith giving birth to his longtime dream, that some of his compositions will be processed by “young hands”, that still keep an eye on the musics’ heart but refreshing it with their own influences. Carla Pugliese (Osvaldos’ granddaughter), Andres Linetzky (maybe THE Mr.TangoNuevo) and Ernesto Romeo are surely succeeded with this project.


Best regards from Hamburg
Stefan Ahrens

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