18.05.2005: Winners, new raffle, holidays, journeys

Dear friends of Danza y Movimiento!

We're working hard on widening, updating and improving our offers. First of all this means getting started with the Club Dym: this implies an even better service for club members in the future.

We already see ourselves as a service provider: we spend a big part of our time offering you more service, answering your questions and presenting you a fine selection of music and journeys.
The great number of visitors from Latin America in our webshop proves its popularity. They keep telling us that they hardly find another website on the Internet providing such a good information about their music. We are very delighted and honoured about that.

New raffle
Our new raffle is a true challenge for all visitors of our webshop. Our wish is that you write more reviews about the CDs in your collection, no matter if you bought them in our or in any other shop or if you got a copy from your friends. Your opinion on CDs that you know and like is important for all visitors of the webwebshops! That makes it possible to win more than one CD in the current raffle. Every 20th review wins! Of course it's important to give some informations about the CD to the others. Just telling us that it's a "great" CD is not enough... :-)

This is how it works. Click on the following link, login first (!) and then click on "raffle" on the left side.


You can enter the review's text into the box for commentaries. But don't forget to mention the CD's title. Or just type your review next to the CD and then mention the CD's title in the commentary box. (Anyhow, we have to check every review and assign the flag of your corresponding language so that other visitors can easily identify the language in which the review has been written.)

Well all right then start typing down your opinion and win CDs! The winners will always be announced in the newsletter.

Last raffle's winners
In our last raffle we asked if it's true that dancing tango serves as a part of therapy in hospitals in Buenos Aires. Most of the participants knew the correct answer. The answer: It's true.

The winner is Thomas Frey from Germany. Congratulations! You can freely choose one CD from our label!

We take this opportunity to announce April's winner among the new registrations in our shop letting us know us on which way she found our shop. Patrizia Zecchini from Italy searched google for the new Orishas-CD and found Danza y Movimiento. She can freely choose one CD from our label, too!

There is a lot of motion on our pages with journey offers. Especially the offers for Italy and Cuba have been updated and widened throughout the last weeks. Unfortunately, we can't keep up with our english translations. Hence, please notice that the informations on our english pages are still correct, but you'll find the updated prices on our german pages. Despite the considerable increasing of prices on the part of the organizers in Cuba and Italy we decided to offer you some journeys even cheaper, whenever we saw it possible for us. We'll give you more informations about the new developments in a few weeks. Whoever wants to glance at it please view our german pages with journey offers:

Danza y Movimiento Journeys

(We hope we will have updated the English travel pages until next weekend ...)

Best regards,
Matthias Möbius

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