27.06.2005: Caceres, Tango Crash, Ivy Queen and more cds ...

- New Releases LATIN : Cafe Tacuba, Francisco Cespedes, Ivy Queen
- New Releases TANGO: Caceres, La Chicana, Tango Crash

Dear friends of latin American music and culture!

Just in time before the ominous summer recess appears we are presenting some fine new releases:

1.1. CAFE TACUBA-MTV Unplugged
CAFE TACUBA is one of mexicans’ hottest music-group. Although they are already existing since 1999 the rest of the world does not know much about them. After 6 different studio-releases they are now presenting their live-unplugged concert at MTV. And they had never been better. All this americanism and rock-style dissappeared and they raised with more focused on their latin-roots:


1.2. FRANCISCO CESPEDES-Autorretrato
We keep staying in Mexico. With the new CD of FRANCISCO CESPEDES. We won’t find any Mariachi-trumpet in his music, but it’s atmosphere ist pure mexican for sure. If you’re looking for music celebrating the dawn of day out on your front-porch, here you are:


1.3. IVY QUEEN - Real
Reggeaton is for sure the next “BIG THING” in latin-music in 2005. Ivy Queen is one of the few women doing this music-style and she is by far the BEST. Her street-credibility determined the lyrics and the music fits perfectly herein. There is a huge groove that’s emphasizing the melody absolutly fine.



2.1. CACERES - Murga Argentina
GOTAN PROJECTs - member Eduardo Markoff has recently established his own label called MANANA RECORDS and herewith introducing maybe one of the finest TANGO-RELEASE 2005:

CACERES - Murga Argentina
This CD perfectly combines different styles such like Candombe, Milonga, Chanson, Tango, Samba and creates the same atmosphere like a MURGA (name for the combination of dance, music and singing during the argentine carnaval) itself.

TIP !!!

LA CHICANA - Cancion Llorada

2.2. LA CHICANA - Cancion Llorada
DOLORES SOLA singer in LA CHICANA leads the canyengue-style of their tangomusic with her unique voice and thrilling lyrics. The music often switches from pure tango to somehow more folklorice atmosphere but always stays for genuine argentine music.


2.3. TANGO CRASH - Otra Sanata
Since their last CD “TANGO CRASH” This argentine trio is one of the leader of the new TANGO/JAZZ-scene. With its’ new CD they are focused more on the traditional tango by introducing Marcelo Nisinman (BANDONEON) and singer Nicolas Nobili, but the jazz of course is still there, reinforced by Rodrigo Dominguez (SAXOPHONE):

TANGO CRASH - Otra Sanata

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Stefan Ahrens

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