09.02.2005: New DYM-CDs and the winners ...

New DYM-CDs and the winners of our welcome-page-inquiry

1. New CDs by “Danza y Movimiento”
1.1 Tango: Mercedes Simone
1.2 Tango: Around 1950’s
1.3 Salsa: New Vamos! - compilation
1.4 Merengue: New Vamos! - compilation
1.5 The Vamos-News-package
2. The winners of our inquiry regarding our new welcome-page

Dear friends of “Danza y Movimiento”!

From time to time I realize, that although we keep you informed about new CD-releases from other labels we tend to forget announcing our own CD-releases. As an addressee of our newsletter, you deserve to be up to date. Eventually you already found out about some of the following CDs while taking y tour in our shop. But Tropical-fans will find a brand new package-offer containing the last three Vamos-CDs for a special price. The winners of our latest inquiry regarding the new design of our welcome-page are listed at the end of this newsletter.

1.1 Tango: Mercedes Simone
Mercedes Simone is one of the few women in Tango. She has recorded about 230 Tangos in her life. A quote from the magazine “Blue Rhythm” regarding her CD: “On “Masters Of Tango Argentino Vol.2” the wonderful Mercedes Simone sings through 22 pieces, a small cross-section of the singers huge repertoire. Recorded between 1931 and 1953, digital remastered and carefully investigated, the highly changeable voice of the ‘Dama del Tango’ at times reminds one of the melancholic vivacity of Chanteuse Lhasa.” If you want to get your own impression and read more reviews please click here:

CD Tangos with Mercedes Simone

1.2 Tango: Around 1950’s
The ninth CD of the series “Best of Tango Argentino” represents a subjective selection of Tangos, Milongas and Valses of Evita Perons times. Many of these songs had already been recorded in the early 40s, however, the 1950s recordings sound more intense and aggressive. You'll find more information about this in Klaus Johns’ booklet. This booklet will be the last text by Klaus Johns we publish from this expert at Tango, who accompanied us and our work for years. Few days after handing over the text and compilation Klaus Johns passed away unexpectedly in past October. Therefore, the CD is published in memory of an important personality in the newer history of Tango, which surely would have a whole different look without Klaus Johns. The CD will be in stores by the end of March, but you can already get it in our shop:

Best of Tango Argentino: Around 1950's

1.3 Salsa: New Vamos! - compilation
The no. 15 of the Vamos!-series is pure Salsa. Or to be precise “Salsa brava”, because in recent years the songs that had a big time breakthrough in the Salsadiscos are the fast and danceable songs you'll find on this CD. Check it out! If you dance to Salsa from time to time, you'll surely recognize some of the songs on this CD:

Vamos! Vol. 15 - Salsa brava

1.4 Merengue: New Vamos! - compilation
The16th CD of the Vamos!-series is Merengue, a fast rhythm out of the Dominican Republic, danced to in a quite closely. But hey, what am I telling you – if you get our infos on a regular basis, you'll know, what Merengue is made of. We also put together the Top-Merengue-songs of the last two years on this sampler. As an exception, we included an oldie: As the song “Latinos” wasn't hardly found, but regularly inquired, we finally decided to have this title newly recorded in Colombia. Enjoy it:

Vamos! Vol. 16 - Merengue

1.5 The Vamos-news-package
Just wait a second with your purchase of single CDs! We also offer you the last three Vamos!-CDs as a package. Apart from already being quite low-priced, this offer fort he Vamos-series saves you another 10%. That means that the single CD in the package comes for unbeatable 9.- Euro! For this you'll get the above mentioned Salsa-and Merengue-compilations. The third CD is “Best of Bachata”, released in March 2004 containing “Obsession” and a couple of other interesting Bachata-songs. Get the complete 3-CD-package:

3-CD Vamos! - package

2. The winners of our inquiry regarding our new welcome-page
To begin with: We were totally pleased about the devotion of your attention to the 5 drafts for our new welcome-page! After all more than half the “voters” gave a comment to or a reason for their vote. In order to understand what really matters for you, these comments helped us a lot! The inquiry is finished, the result is yet kept secret, but we are pleased to announce the winners. Here they are:

Jorge Reyes from Hamburg
Isabell Merker from Kelheim
Julian Weyer from Aarhus

Congratulations! Each one of you please select one of the above listed CDs, which we'll send to you immediately.

Best regards
The DYM-Team
Matthias Möbius

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