09.03.2005: Van Van, Orishas, Richard Galiano, Silvana Deluigi ...

1. New releases Latin: VAN VAN, ORISHAS and many more
2. New releases Tango: RICHARD GALIANO, SILVANA DELUIGI and many more ...

Dear friends of latin American music and culture!

The actual newsmail completely focuses on new CD-releases. Due to the numerous new releases in the past few days, I will be brief and begin right now:

1.1 LOS VAN VAN - Chapeando
VAN VAN, Juan Formells newest, is without a doubt the irrefutable highlight of this mail. Although the CD-cover conveys an impression of modernization and the set out to new frontiers, the music remains what it always has been: finest Cuban Salsa. Due to the copy protection we are not able to put audio-tracks to your disposal.

But as mentioned above, everybody who knows LOS VAN VAN can grab this one without hesitating, and all the others should enter the VAN VAN galaxy with this one.

LOS VAN VAN - Chapeando

1.2 ORISHAS - El Kilo
The Orishas’ kilo has its own special weight. This third release after two very successful ones always is a special touchstone. But still the Cubans living in exile take this hurdle with courage, not settling for current HIT-orientation (i.e. english lyrics for the US-market, a collaboration with Ibrahim Ferrer or other things that some artist need).


The name of this New York-based quartet is confusing inasmuch as this group is composed by three men and a female singer; neither the vocalist Sabina Sciubba (german/italian descent) nor any other band member is from Brazil. Still, this play upon words does not reduces the positive impression of the wonderful music combining numerous different styles. Youˇll get Latin-Jazz, Chanson, Tango-Electronic – sung in english, french, spanish and german.


1.4 Putumayo presents ACOUSTIC BRAZIL
The Putumayo-label fascinates with ist consistent concept of CD-covers and ist harmonious combination of various worldmusic-sampler. The present compilation focuses the brazilian singer-songwriters exclusively in accoustic way. Next to Gal Costa, Chico Buarque and Caetano Veloso this release also features rather unknown artists like Anna De Hollanda (Chico’s sister), Lucas Santtana and Glaucia Nasser. But all are united by their love for accoustic-Samba, Bossa Nova etc.

Putumayo presents ACOUSTIC BRAZIL

We present you three beauties out of our series “samplers to fall in love with ” :), that don't spare with famous names:

MERENGE - Alex Bueno, Eddy Herrera, Rikaren, La Makina etc.
MERENGUE DE AMOR with Alex Bueno, Eddy Herrera, Rikaren, La Makina etc.

BACHATA - Frank Reyes, Yoskar Sarante, Zacarias Ferreira, Luis Vargas etc.
BACHATA DE AMOR with Frank Reyes, Yoskar Sarante, Zacarias Ferreira, Luis Vargas etc.

SALSA - Jerry Rivera, Eddie Santiago, Lalo Rodriguez, Oscar D’Leon etc.
SALSA DE AMOR with Jerry Rivera, Eddie Santiago, Lalo Rodriguez, Oscar D’Leon etc.

And here comes Tango!

The title already gives a hint, Silvana Deluigi shows a good deal of self-consciousness: “Thatˇs what I am”! Supported by Pablo Ziegler, Gustavo Beytelsmann and the producer Kip Hanrahan she managed a muscial review, wonderfully proving her love to Buenos Aires.


2.2 RICHARD GALLIANO (NY-Trio) - Ruby, My Dear
Yes, at last! Richard Galliano does what he does best. TANGO-JAZZ with a small instrumentation. A performance on New Years’s Eve 2004 in Orvieto (Italy) together with Larry Grenadier (bass) and Clarence Penn (drums) was recorded, showing how New Year’s Eve can be celebrated with musical performance and pleasure playing music:

RICHARD GALLIANO (NY-Trio) - Ruby, My Dear

2.3 CUARTETO CEDRON - Piove En San Telmo (Canciones Lunfardas)
On this CD Juan Cedron and his quartet focus the dialect “LUNFARDO”. It is a dialect formed by languages like italian, spanish, polish, french and portuguese spoken exclusively in some districts of Buenos Aires since the 19th century. This time the music centres mainly on guitar sound and creates a beautiful connection between classic tango and the milonga.

CUARTETO CEDRON - Piove En San Telmo (Canciones Lunfardas)

Best regards from Hamburg
Stefan Ahrens

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