18.02.2005: Journeys, Concerts and Grammys

Journeys, Concerts and Grammys

1. Journeys to Argentina - new offers
3. The GRAMMY winner 2005

Der friends of Latinamerican music and culture!

Today it is all about new travel offers, Sonora Carruseles and actual grammy winner 2005 cds!

1. Journeys to Argentina - new offers

Every now and then it is necessary to study our own travel offers. This is what we did with our Argentina offers recently, where the tourism is booming, the hotel prices are growing but services are not getting better. That's what has happened during the last weeks - a 30 % increase. Reason enough for us, to check the cost-effectiveness of the hotels exactly.The result is like you would have wished: Our prices are sound, because we are in the lucky position to make use of the low Dollar price. Two weeks Buenos Aires in the Hotel category "Economico" are available for 599,00 Euros with a whole new (and better) supporting programme. Ten lessons Tango and two Milonga visits are available for an extra charge of 100,00 Euros. And... interested in coming to Buenos Aires???

Our Argentina site is no longer sorted out after hotels, it is sorted out after categories.You can chose the hotels you wish (also from the financial side) and we can make a personal offer for you.

Besides: during our "cleaning up" we have "deleted" some hotels, because they were not fitting our "grade". We have added some new hotels with flair that we can offer you now.

No matter if you want to dance the Tango, get Spanish lessons or just want to visit Buenos Aires, click on the below link:

Our new travel catalogue Buenos Aires


This is one of Columbia's top Salsa group and if such a group is recently for some gigs in Europe we can't withhold it from you:

18.02.05 Salsa Festival in Zurich
19.02.05 Salon Paris in Paris
26.02.05 Gran Noche Latina in Marseille

Potential experience, since not all of you are living in Switzerland or in France. But - please allow me the note - there is a substitute of eleven cds and one dvd available! Click below:

http://www. CDs from Sonora Carruseles

The recent cds are called "Swing, Salsa & Boogaloo" and "Que No Pare La Rumba" and we have them in store!

3. GRAMMY winner 2005

Furthermore the 47. GRAMMY was given away, one of the most famous awards in music business. Last Sunday the GRAMMY was given to the following Latin artists in Los Angeles:

Best Latin Rock / OZOMATLI - Street Signs
OZOMATLI - CD Street Signs

Best Latin Pop / MARC ANTHONY - Amar Sin Mentiras
MARC ANTHONY - CD Amar Sin Mentiras

Best Latin Salsa / SPANISH HARLEM ORCHESTRA - Across 110th Street SPANISH HARLEM ORCHESTRA - Across 110th Street

Having fun dancing, listening and dreaming!

Stefan und Matthias

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