01.07.2005: Cuba Salsa, Cuba Drums and Brazil ...

- Early bookers deadline for New Year's Eve in Cuba extended 10 more days
- Planned: drums-journey to the 2005 Havana Jazz festival
- Axe Bahia - new CDs from Brazil just arrived

Dear friends of Danza y Movimiento!

Due to the high number of inquiries we had in the last couple of days regarding the New-Year's-journey to Cuba we decided just for once to extend the early bookers deadline for 10 more days until July, 10th. In this context let us clarify two frequently asked questions:
Even if you don't have booked a flight, you can still profit right now from the early bookers conditions and place your binding booking. We confirm the booking of this journey but remember that the exact dates of arrival and departure are still to be determinated, because we first need to reach the minimum number of participants (this applies for all of our offers and journeys, as long as the minimum number of participants is not reached...).
Regarding the single rooms: single rooms are always more expensive. If you want to share a room, you can specify this as an option when booking. We will do our best to find a second person. The additional charge has to be paid if there's no second person. This means: You can choose a single room with the option of sharing the room with another person in each of our group journeys.
So, you have 10 more days to book Cuba during New-Year's for 1099.- Euro:

New Year's Eve 2005 at Kuba

Nearly every year in December Havana hosts the international Jazz festival. This is a huge event for music lovers from all over the world. Togethter with Ruy Lopez, our maestro in drums and drum kits, we are currently arranging a group journey from November, 27th to December, 10th. This means: single and group lessons, sessions, concerts and much more delicacies. If you are interested go ahead and put your name down for it!

The new brazilian CDs are served like fresh fruits straight out of the airplane - and conseqeuntly in our webshop. Yesterday, Stefan diligently scanned the new CDs and presents the new stuff from Brazil on our page with recommendations e.g. the new Axe Bahia 2005:

Brazil tips

Have a nice weekend!
Matthias Möbius
The DyM-Team

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