12.07.2005: new service, new cds and a winner ...

1. New: Our purview for “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ)
2. Two Women-in-Tango CDs
3. Just arrived Vamos-Bachata Vol. 2 !!!
4. Winner of June `05

1. New: Our purview for “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ)
Every day we are receiving a lot of mails with questions, of course we are going through them step by step and that takes time. Many requests are individuell, other ones are more generelly focused that could be interesting for other shop-users.
During last year we’ve made some analysis among those requests and created this FAQ-page that includes most of them, that were asked often:


You are not able to listen to some audio-files ? You are wondering, where’s your last delivery hiding ? You’d like to know something about VAT : value-added tax ? You want to sell CD’s on your own ? You are going to produce a CD by yourself ?

Please just take a look on the FAQ-Page! You’ll easily reach this page by below mentioned LINK or in our CD-Shop under “Specials” on the menu bar at the right side. AND: This page is translated into english, spanish, italian and french !

2. Two Women-in-Tango CDs
We’d like to draw your attention onto the following new releases of 2 different Women of TANGO:

At first the new CD of the quartett BIEN FRAPPE - DANZARIN.

They recently returned to Buenos Aires after their short but successfully European-Tour, and we gladly took some discs in stock, while their stopover in hamburg.
Therefore we are talking about LIMITED EDITION: Sales while stocks last !
The new recording captivates with it’s balanced mixture of danceable Tangos & Vals, and as well as the concertation of “Libertango” and “Milonga de Mis Amores”.

Piano, flute, bandoneon & guitar are creating an individuality, that invites you to listen to it on and on.


and the the other one is the LIVE-CD of SUSANA RINALDI - Y Vamos Ya En Vivo

In a manner of speaking this CD was Susana Rinaldis’ anticipated goodbye from Argentina in 1977.
In the following year she strengthed her connection with Paris and finally spent the 80s’ completely in France.

The CD outlines oncemore her past highlights of different poems of Maria Elena Walsh, Tangos of Eladia Blazquez and Carlos Gardel. Anibal Arias (Gitarre) was with this ensemble at that concert and shone brightly with his soulful playing.


3. Just arrived Vamos-Bachata Vol. 2 !!!
“Amor de Locos” is the subtitle of our new CD “Vamos! Bachata Vol. 2”. This one’s contacting with the # 14 CD of the successful sequence VAMOS and presents top-titles of the dominican nationalrhythms. The original recording of this CD are from Monchy & Alexandra, Joe Vera, Frank Reyes, Elvis Martínez, El Chaval, Distrito Zero and others. Here comes the Sommerfeeling:

Vamos! Vol. 17: Bachata 2

4. Winner of new-registration of June ‘05
While you are making your registration in our web-shop, we are asking you how you get to know us.
Everybody who’s giving such info takes part in our monthly raffle. The winner of JUNE ‘05 is Daniel Charon from France. He informed us that he learned about us on a catamaran in the caribic. Well, we are glad, when our music is spread around the world, because we like the music we sell !!!
Mr. Charon is allowed to choose 1 CD from of our lable-cds:


Best regards from Hamburg
Matthias Möbius and Stefan Ahrens

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