09.09.2005: Havana Jazz Festival, Tango on video clips (DVD), Vamos!

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1. Linguistic variety at the DyM-trips
2. Offers for early bookers to the Havana Jazz festival head into the last week
3. Tango on video clips (DVD)
4. Vamos! Best of Reggaeton! (new CD)
5. New registrations in August: The winners are…
6. Cuba again, this time political…

1. Linguistic variety at the DyM-trips

From now on all our offers in the travel section are not only available in German and English, but also Italian, Spanish and French.
I had to let you know, although I'm not quite sure if you as an English-newsletter-reading person are interested or not! Thanks very much to the translators of the three new languages! After all it took much more than 100 hours of work for each language!




2. Offers for early bookers to the Havana Jazz festival head into the last week

If you want to participate in our group travel to Havana on the occasion of this year's Jazz festival and profit from the special rates for percussionist and drummers, you have time to do so until September, 15th. Everybody participating in the trip that starts on November, 27th and ends on December, 12th will receive lessons with qualified personnel and attend lots of events:

Jazz festival in Havana

3. Tango on video-clips (DVD)

If you are a tango enthusiast, whether active or passive, and you also have a DVD-player supporting the American NTSC-system you should definitely look out for this DVD! It wasn't in first place Carlos Gardels plane crash that proved: the second capital of Tango in Latin America is situated in Colombia and called Medellin.
The important role of Tango in Medellin hasn't changed since then; that is why the record label Fuentes is producing a DVD called "Historia del Tango. Maybe the title seems to promise too much, but the result nevertheless is very worth seeing. 11 Tango-clips in colombian studio atmosphere – just entertaining and remarkable. You can find a track listing here:

Tango on video-clips (DVD)

If your DVD-player doesn't support NTSC, put it up to date, in case it isn't a very old model...

4. Vamos! Best of Reggaeton! (new CD)

This CD really took us a lot of time and trouble. Reggaeton includes a lot of sampling with the result that here and there you'll find melodies from other tracks whose author's are often hard to identify. But I have to say that I'm really proud of the outcome!:-)
Especially because our recording crew in Colombia really made an effort; they seem to have had so much fun that was I often told that a couple of recordings on this CD are better than the originals. My advice: Form your own opinion. If you feel too old for Reggaeton, you should give this CD to your children. Since the release of the Vamos-Reggaeton-CD, it is booming out of every children's room in the families I know. Well, the CD includes all the top hits of the last year; you should please check out the rest yourself and once you did that, leave a comment in our webshop. (which still gives you the chance to win a CD...). You can find the Vamos! Reggaeton here:

Vamos! Best of Reggaeton! (new CD)

5. New registrations in August: The winners are…

We ask every newly registered user in our webshop about the way he or she found us. Who fills out the corresponding field automatically participates in the monthly raffle. The winner in August is Amir Abrão-Heß from Hamburg. Amir writes: "You are popular in the Salsa-scene."
We are really pleased! :-) And I guess that Amir will choose a Salsa-CD...

Our LabelCDs

6. Cuba again, this time political…
The topic "New Orleans" this time evokes a political comment from me. No matter how one might judge about Mr. Castro and whether it is a clever political move or not. More than 1000 doctors and tons of whatever people may need are ready to go in Havana since the Hurricane moved over New Orleans. The American government didn't answer in days, didn't react to relief offers form Cuba and Venezuela, rather letting thousands of Americans die than accepting help from "communist countries". Cubas relief offers proved to be serious as shown through other catastrophes in other countries. I hope that the attitude of the American government opens the eyes of some Americans: freedom and equality in North America means as much as in many of the so called banana republics of the Southern part of the continent.

Have a good day!
Matthias Möbius
from DyM-team

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