10.04.2006: Lots of News!

1. Survey 2006
2. DyM staff has changed
3. New service for our customers! The order status...
4. Our contribution to the soccer world championship 2006: “Vamos! Football”
5. Mosalini available again!
6. The first 5 winners of the survey 2006

At the moment, there are so many news that I don't really know where to start! The survey from March 14th has kept me most busy recently.

1. Survey 2006
In the end, the bombastic amount of more than 400 questionnaires had to be evaluated. More than 250 of you did only enter "small crosses", but also wrote partly quite creative commentaries. This is great. (But makes the evaluation rather difficult...) About 60 of you have received an answer to your questions or suggestions in a personal mail. Sorry for the telegram style, but that was quite a bit of work! I will present some of the suggestions and questions to you within the next weeks. Thank you very much for the often very personal answers to the - like one reader of the news commented - "cheeky" questions from our side. Your commentaries are refreshing, therefore I enjoyed reading something like 250 mails... The evaluation of the "small crosses" was made by Mara and Agnieszka. They have also done a commendable job. Which leds us to the next topic:

2. DyM staff has changed
Stefan Ahrens, who has been with “Danza y Movimiento” for many years, left the company at March, 31st. We wish him all the best for his new projects. As you could see, the last newsmail was written by Alexnadra, who will take care of some of Stefan's areas of responsibility.

3. New service for our customers! The order status...
Many of you suggested it, finally we could realize it: From now on, you will receive an email from us when the status of your order has changed. We will tell you in the language you selected when we received your order and when it will be sent partly or completely. If you cannot find this mail, you can always check your account in the shop, where you can read what we communicated to you. We are very proud of this new achievement!

4. Our contribution to the soccer world championship 2006: “Vamos! Football”
Here comes the musical flavour for the football worldcup 2006! Music and soccer are inseparably linked together in Latin America. Samba heats up the temperature for the Brazilians, Salsa and other tropical rhythms guarantee delight in other countries. And Latin America is represented on this album: Argentina and Brazil each with 2 titles, Ecuador is represented by Alberto Caleris ("El expreso"), Costa Rica by the band Cantoamerica ("Palale Pot") and all countries together by "Latinos", a Latin-House-title, that by now has nearly gained cult status. It goes non-stop from Costa Rica to Argentina, whereas the CDs single tracks are linked by two Barras. Barras are choirs on the basis of popular melodies, in this case coming from Columbian football stadiums. The "Pachanga del futbol" comes at the very beginning of the CD, one of the most impressive and remarkable football songs in Latin America. The Argentinean football has generated the song "Sube la temperatura", meaning "The fever rises" in English. Not only this single track brings the temperature up, it is kept up for a whole halftime with a duration of 45 minutes!

Vamos! Football

By the way: Four titles of this CD have been produced especially for the world cup. So don't be surprised when you hear names of famous players like Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho...

5. Mosalini availble again!
We couldn't get hold of the CDs of the bandoneon player living in France for a long time. Although France is our neighbour country, it is not always easy to do business. But now it has worked. This link takes you to the available CDs by Juan Jose Mosalini!

Juan Jose Mosalini

6. The first 5 winners of the survey 2006
As you know, everybody who participated in the survey took part in our CD raffle. The first raffle is based on the 100 questionannaires we received first. And the winners are:

Stefan Peters from Switzerland
Jens Dörr from Germany
Astrid Weitmann from Germany
Bianca Ziegan from Germany
Patrick Jammet from France
Congratuations! Visit our shop and choose a CD!

Well, this should be enough for today.

Many regards
Matthias Möbius
DyM team

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