23.11.2006: Tango- bitter and sweet, Latin Evergreens, Christmas

1. Tango: New CD by Quadro Nuevo
2. Salsa/Bachata: Great CD boxes (2 CDs) full of catchy tunes for 17,99 Euro each
3. Christmas is now ...

1. Tango: New CD by Quadro Nuevo

Sometimes we come accross new productions that are totally different to the usual stuff. "Tango bitter sweet" is one of these rare productions. In the beautiful booklet, the musicians try to explain themselves how they would characterise their music:
"We are always searching for magnetic melodies. Without limits in time and space. Tango, oriental music, French Valse Musette, Flamenco, Balkan swing, songs from Italy and rhythms from South America... maybe we could say that we play world music with a European point of view." The result is a charming CD we would like to recommend to our customers. Here are sound samples:

Quadro Nuevo

2. Salsa and Bachata: Great CD boxes (2 CDs) full of catchy tunes for 17,99 Euro each
The list of artists of "Salsa Classics Vol. 2" and "Bachata Classics" from the label Envidia sounds like the Who is Who of the most important musicians of the genres: Glberto Santa Rosa, Frankie Ruiz, Victor Manuelle, Jose Alberto el Canario, Tony Vega, Marc Anthony and Oscar d'León, to name only some of them, appear on the Salsa CD Hits like "Bailando", "Mentiras" and "Aparentemente" guarantee will surely make your feet tickle.

Salsa Classics Vol. 2

Part of the "Bachata Classics" are Raulín Rodríguez, Zacarias Ferreira, Frank Reyes, Fernando Villalona, Joe Veras, Sergio Vargas and Luis Vargas, amongst others. In the mood for daydreaming? "Arrancame la vida", "Penelope", and "Tu vas a volar" are the perfect soundtrack for it:

Bachata Classics

3. Christmas is now ...
Many people are starting to look for the perfect present for their dear ones now, in order not to freak out just before Christmas. We don't have to point out to you that you will certainly find a nice CD or an interesting book in our extensive catalogue. But we would like you to keep in mind that we will place our last orders to distributors overseas at the beginneing of December. So if you decide to order an article which is currently out of stock, please place your order soon, so that it will be under the Christmas tree on schedule.

We hope you enjoy this time of the year - with or without Advent preparations.

Warm regards,
Tanja Darwish and the DyM team

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