03.05.2006: New CDs and DVDs

1. The life of Carlos Gardel on DVD
2. Klaus Johns - his opus on 2 CDs
3. Reggaeton classics in Salsa rhythm
4. New L.A.-Style instructional DVDs by Josie Neglia
5. Our winner in April

1. The life of Carlos Gardel on DVD
Many tango DVDs are disappointing, because they don't even begin to use the possibilities of the medium DVD. The following DVD is a pleasant and recommendable exception. You will get a very good impression of Gardel's life. There are a lot of historic pictures as well as extracts from his various movies that make you see the singer and actor in a way that I couldn't find until seing this DVD. So it doesn't matter that the lenght of the DVD is only 60 minutes: 60 minutes of concise Gardel is worth more than other products that last for hours and are merely boring. The DVD is in PAL format, no regional code, and the languages are German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese. All tracks and titles can be selected directly from the menue. (It's a shame I have to point that out - but unfortunately some producers do not provide these features automatically...)

Carlos Gardel on DVD

2. Klaus Johns - his opus on 2 CDs
The musician, composer and arrangeur Klaus Johns died in autumn 2004 unexpectedly. He still had a lot of plans. One of them was to present his 13 most important compositions on one CD. Part of his work has now been completed by the pianist Janna Polyzoides.
She achieved an artistic and at the same time organisational work of art. 10 musicians scattered all over the world, who mostly had been part of the original productions, assembled in Graz in March this year. Please note: This CD has got nothing to do with Tango or Latin American music. Being the publisher of Klaus Johns, we decided at some stage to categorise his compositions as "Classical music". The music that expects you on this double CD is simply sophisticated pleasure for the ears:

Klaus Johns - his opus on 2 CDs

(We warmly recommend the following CD for everybody who hasn't heard the Tango music of Klaus Johns yet :)

Klaus Johns

) 3. Reggaeton classics in Salsa rhythm
Back to the Latin genre: Today's suggestion is the new CD by Michael Stuart “Back to da Barrio”. The special characteristic of it is that well-known Reggaeton tracks like “Pobre Diabla” or “Ven báilalo” do now appear in a Salsa version. Recommendable for Salsa fans who are not really into Reggaeton yet:

Michael Stuart

4. New L.A.-Style instructional DVDs by Josie Neglia
There are two new releases in the series of instructional dance videos by Josie Neglia. Josie's “Easy-to-learn” technique is well known and very popular, and she now teaches partner work & footwork for the levels 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 together with her partner Loui Angon:

Josie Neglia - Salsa L.A. Style 1-2

Josie Neglia - Salsa L.A. Style 3-4

5. Our winner in April
When you register as a new customer in our webshop, we ask you for a short comment on how you became aware of us. When you fill in this space you participate in our monthly raffle. Our winner of March is Jeannie Frulla from the USA. Jeannie Frulla discovered our website when looking for a hotel in Vernazza . Vernazza is one of the most beatiful villages of the Ligurian cost and it belongs to the Cinque Terre. If you choose one of our Salsa courses in La Spezia, for example, you can live there on the cost in a beautiful surrounding without any cars.

Jeannie Frulla can select one of the CDs of our label programme!

Label CDs

Many regards
Matthias Möbius (1,2,5) and Alexandra Reents (3-4)
from the DyM team

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