21.04.2006: Sales promotion regarding the World Cup 2006...

1. Extra income without risk at the World Cup 2006
2. Gotan Project “Lunatico”
3. The CD winners of March
4. Do you know our Fair-Trade products already?

1. Extra income without risk at the FIFA World Cup 2006
We announced our special FIFA World Cup 2006 CD two weeks ago. We still have 6 weeks to go, but Germany is already quite excited. The first friendly games will start in May, and in June, the real games will begin. “Vamos!Football” makes just the right atmosphere for the event. Now, we are looking for a lot of resellers, who would like to offer the CD on the spot in a vendor's tray.
The profit possibilities are quite good:
You sell for 10.- Euro, and you buy for 5. Which means that you earn 5.- Euro per CD. The conditions for participation are easy: We sell the CDs by the box. A box contains 25 CDs and costs 125.- Euro. You can return the CDs you don't sell until the end of August. The money for these CDs will be returned immediately. Thus, no risk for the sales persons.
Please order via our webshop. Just order 25 x “Vamos! Football”.

Vamos! Football

Don't be confused when the price does not change correspondingly in the webshop - we will give you a 50% discount when writing the invoice. Within Germany, we deliver free to the door, to other countries please check our usual terms according to the list:

Shipping cost

2. Gotan Project “Lunatico”
First of all and because a lot of customers have already asked us: We don't have the CD yet, but it will arrive soon and maybe we will have it for the weekend. In any case, the new project by the grandfathers of electrotango is a must-have for everybody who wants to follow the current development of tango. Still, this CD is no new issue of “Revancha del Tango”, but a further musical development, forceful and creative. If you are in a hurry, and if you want to save money, you should better buy the CD somewhere else. As we are a specialized CD shop, major distributors like Universal, who work the "Lunático" CD, do not even supply us with the CD. It is well known that major record companies tend to ignore smaller specialized shops like Damza y Movimiento, they offer bad conditions or they don't supply us at all. Besides, “Lunatico” is chart material. Consequently, the music will be used for promotional purposes by bigger chains of other suppliers, which only pay the wholesale price or even less than that (or did you believe that Amazon actually earns money with CDs???) We are small and do not really fit into the market. “Lunatico” has just arrived. Have a look here:

Gotan Project

3. The CD winners of March
The first time you register in our webshop, we ask you to tell us how you became aware of us. When you fill in your information, you automatically participate in our monthly raffle. The winner of March Tatjana Heidrich from Frankfurt. Tatjana has discovered us in the “Tangodanza”. Every dancer of tango (speaking German) should know “Tangodanza”, which we also offer, by the way. This is the latest edition:


Tatjana can choose a CD from our page of label CDs. It will probably be a tango CD... ?

Our Label CDs

4. Do you know our Fair-Trade products already?
Look for the word “Specials” on the right navigation frame of our homepage and you will discover a whole range of wonderful products from Latin America - best quality and everything is fair trade:

Fair Trade

By the way, the favourite product is the sesame bar. Remember this when you place your next order...

Many regards
Matthias Möbus
from the DyM team

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