28.04.2006: Individual travelling with DyM!

1. Individual travelling with DyM!
2. 5 more winners of the survey 2006

The survey we presented our customers with a short while ago gave us useful suggestions, which I will deal with during the next time. My topic today: our travel offers.

First of all, I was quite surprised by the fact that many of you did not know that we also organise journeys. And then I was surprised how many of you hadn't really had a close look at the contents and concepts of our travel offers.

To begin with: We are aware of the fact that the majority of you are individualists. We are it, too. I am glad that many of you strive to deal with life in a very sensible way, in a society in which people tend to live unconciously, and that you do not simply consume what others throw at you.

Our travel offers are directed at people who deal with life in a conscious way. They are individually designed to present you (and we mean: You!) with the cultures of our travel destinations without asking too much of you. How can that be possible? It is quite simple, you either like our small travel packages on our websites, you book one of the packages as it is and you will see that you can enjoy optimal active holidays. Or we advise you individually. That means that we try to find out what could be optimal regarding your very personal expectations. Knowing your wishes, we then design your personal travel package.

The money: In the beginning our journeys seem to cost more than other journeys on the market. But you will find out that this is not true considering the counter-value. It's quite the contrary: you receive more for your money.

If you are thinking even more individually, you will say: I always travel on my own account - I will surely get to know Cuba, Argentina or Italy without DyM and spend nice holidays there. You might be right. On the other hand I am sure about one thing: If you want to experience everything that the travel programme designed for you contains in for example Cuba, you would have to travel to Cuba maybe three or four times on your own account.

A few days ago, one of our guests, who had spent three weeks in Cuba and who had received detailed advice on the phone by us, sent us a mail. Our guest allowed us to cite him here:

“Dear Mr. Möbius,

I would like to report about my journey to Cuba shortly - I spent three wonderful weeks there, and I met as many people as during the rest of my life.

First of all, I would like to laud the private accommodation. My hosts reveived me very friendly, they prepared an excellent breakfast and the rooms were kept very clean. I enjoyed the noise level at the Plaza de la Fraternidad, Cuban life simply vibrates there and it couldn't affect my deep sleep. It was a pleasure to study Spanish with my teacher in the Capitolio library. She had already been in Germany and she was interested in topics we are also dealing with, things that sometimes are still unknown in Cuba, so we talked about the annoying word VIP, about Mrs. Merkel, the growing commercial frenzy and many more topics - it was simply lots of fun.

I was extremely lucky with my dance partner, she always danced with pleasure and heart and she was very patient with me. I hope, that Cuba will always conserve this piece of identity, naturalness and straightforwardness and that hopefully Cuba will be untroubled by some developments we experience in Germany.

I organised my round trip during the third week on my own after our telephone conversation. I always found wonderful spots in Vignales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. It worked perfectly to get a hired car and to travel with it.

I would like to thank you for your help and I hope that the Cuban culture, its dances, music and virtuous musicians will stay reserved for those people who really appreciate them, and that the culture does not succumb to mass consumption.” (translation)

This statement does not show an isolated case. Our page of feedbacks presents a selection of the reactions to travelling with DyM:
Travel Feedback

Unfortunately, we are also limited to words when explaining our concepts. A lot of organisers offer "individual travelling". Keywords turn out to be sales arguments. But we do try to fill terms like "individual travelling" with a content when offering our journeys.

We don't use catchwords on our websites in order to sell. We mean what we say. And you will know what was meant when returning from the journey...

If you still don't know where our travel offers are hiding: Have a look at our start page and you will find the term "Travels" on the left navigation frame. (Just click on it and your journey will begin... :-)

(This is our start page: Danza y Movimiento)

2. 5 more winners of the survey 2006
We already told you: everybody who participated in our big survey could win a CD. Here are 5 more winners:

Pierluigi Pellecchia from Italy
Patricia Bösherz from Germany
Luc Swartenbroek from Belgium
Ruth Lechner from Germany
Brian Falk from Denmark
Congratulations! Go to the shop and choose a CD!

Many regards
Matthias Möbius

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