17.08.2006: General Mail: Our webshop and its background ...

This mail is directed to all our customers who are interested in the background of “Danza y Movimiento” and who would like to know something about the current development of this company, or of this project- to put it more clearly. The first part is about the current situation, the second part about the idea standing behind our work.

1. We need about 20.000.- Euro in order to extend our music services ...
2. And here is some information about the philosophy of this rather strange company ...

1. We need about 20.000.- Euro in order to extend our music services ...
You have read correctly! We are asking our customers if they are willing to support us with the amount of about 20.000.- Euro, which would allow us to enlarge our music services in the mailorder and in order to adjust our webshops to the demands of our time. An aspect of this is the realization of our download shop, which is still in the state of planning.

I am purposefully asking you, our customers, to support us for our measures to restructure. In case you should have the financial background, why should you give your money to a bank if it could be well invested with us!? :-) You will certainly agree if you like our offers.

I am happy to give you some background information:
It is evident that the music business is in the state of radical changes and I will not deal in detail with this topic at this point. Our webshop is very informative and very popular, according to the feedback we get. It is free of advertising and it will stay this way. I would like very much to proceed with the webshop with the help of the corresponding financial means. I am planning to present the tracks in full lenght, and - in accordance with the right owners and their permission- to offer music downloads. This project creates costs.

As I said, I am calculation with an amount of 20.000 Euro and I also expect to return the money. Otherwise I wouldn't even think about such a project. If you want to know more, please write an e-mail or call me!

Please read the second part of this mail in order to get a better view of the ideas and concepts behind “Danza y Movimiento”. There, you get some information about the non-material background: Who are you dealing with and why is “Danza y Movimiento” not a company operating like you know it from other, usual businesses?

2. And here is some information about the philosophy of this rather strange company ...
Nowadays, every big corporate group, every bank “informs” you on their websites about the philosophy of their companies. They make you believe, that the company is human and the PR office writes nice texts, which give a social and environment-friendly image to a business merely interested in maximizing the profit. “Danza y Movimiento”, a company I have been already directing for more than 10 years now, is also based on an idea, a concept. I have taken some time recently in order order to put the ideas in words. If you would like to know what the philosophy of this outsider company looks like, please read this:


Many regards
Matthias Möbius

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