21.09.2006: Ecuador, Christmas, Tango (?) and Reggaeton ...

1. DyM-Travel’s new offers: ECUADOR!
2. Christmas is just around the corner...
3. New Reggaeton (and Tango?) - CDs
3.1 Tego Calderon as “The Underdog”
3.2 Luny Tunes Best-Of “Mas Flow 2.5”, CD + DVD

1. DyM-Travel’s new offers: ECUADOR!
Ecuador is worth seeing! I can tell you from my own personal experience. The country expresses Latin America’s and the Caribbean’s climate and vegetation zones like a microcosm.

For years I’ve been having the desire to take Ecuador into the offers of DyM-Travel. But like in case of many other culturally sophisticated travel destinations in Latin America, it failed due to lack of reliable local partners. Now we found some partners, with whom we elaborated a couple of programs with Salsa and Spanish are in the focus as well as regional particularities like Ecuadorian cuisine. On top of our recommendations for the additional program and prolongation is Galapagos. We also can offer a whole variety of tours with the duration of one day or several days on request.

As the flight from Europe is only possible with stop-off or change of the airline it is worthwile to bring some time to visit Ecuador.

Please check out our information on travels to Ecuador:

Travels to Ecuador

2. Christmas is just around the corner...
Just a little reminder: if you want to travel to Cuba, Ecuador or Argentina on the turn of the year, you urgently should in particular look after flights. The courses regarding dancing, Spanish and percussion are also offered on the turn of the year. The lessons don’t take place only on public holidays. If you want to get an overview regarding the travels please click here:

Travel with DyM

3. New Reggaeton (and Tango?) - CDs
There is nothing new to tell you regarding Salsa and Tango! My impression is that the decreasing of CD-market-sales is slowly kicking in. Only in very few cases the copies of a CD sold on the market cover the costs of its production. We keep the ball, continue to sell CDs and keep an eye on how it’s proceeding...

Reggaeton is in. The very close dancing style is also increasingly conquering Europe.

Although it’s still going ahead pretty slowly. A prerequisite to dance is the body’s isolation, exactly what we impart in our Movimiento-programs on Cuba:

Cuba Dance Movimiento

So, this time again, we only have Reggaeton-CDs, but the finest. Sorry dear Tango- and Salsa-fans ... :-(

3.1 Undisputedly, Tego Calderon is one of the best and most creative artists in Reggaeton. In addition, he has united a whole bunch of well-known artists as guest stars on his CD “The Underdog/El Subestimado”. Besides Eddie Dee, Voltio and Don Omar also Oscar D’Leon meet Tego to perform a Reggaeton-version of Oscar’s Salsa-hit “Lloraras”, which on this CD is titled “LLora, Llora”:

Tego Calderon

3.2 The Luny Tunes are among the most popular producers in Reggaeton. Accordingly it’s a coming and going of artists in their recording studio. “Mas Flow 2.5” therefore features these popular artists as Wisin & Yandel, Ivy Queen, Daddy Yankee and many more with hits like “Rakata”, “Mirame” and “ Mayor que yo”. If you are searching for a compilation with this genre’s best tunes this is right up your alley. The enclosed DVD has 9 tunes, that are also on the CD:

Luny Tunes

Best regards from Hamburg
Alexandra (CD-tips) and Matthias from the DyM-team

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