14.06.2006: Narcotango and DVDs from Colombia

1. Narcotango: New CD from Carlos Libedinsky
2. DVDs with the topic Colombia
3. Free CD for our club members until 9th of July!

1. Narcotango: New CD from Carlos Libedinsky
We have already been waiting for new material by Carlos Libedinsky. We have been frequently asked about a new CD following the extremely successful CD “Narcotango”. Here it is, at last: “Narcotango 2 “. In our opinion, it is in no way inferior to the first CD:

Narcotango 2

2. DVDs with the topic Colombia
We have also just received some new DVDs dealing especially with Colombian music. The majority of the DVDs contain a CD as well:

King Bongo

100% Colombia (2CD+DVD)

Salsa de Cali Vol 1 (DVD)

Fruko Y Sus Tesos

Besides there is a new instructional DVD by Diego Galé in our programme: "Percusivo" by Diego teaches how to play percussion instruments with the hand. There are chapters explaining the technique for different instruments like Conga, Timbal, Bongo and Clave on this CD:

Diego Galé - Percusivo

The DVD by Diego Galés and his new projekt “Kingo Bongo” is also a new release. King Bongo are, similar to the last project “Sonora Carruseles”, specialized in Boogaloo:

Kingo Bongo

All DVDs are produced in the American NTSC-Format without regional coding. This means that they can be played on any player worldwide as long as it can read the NTSC system. Just ask the industry, why they have to make life so hard for the customers...

3. Free CD for our club members until 9th of July!
We like to suprise the members of our DyM-club from time to time ... :-) Today we have a surprise for all premium members and for everyone becoming a premium member until beginning of July!

For your next order you place until the end of the soccer worldcup on 9th of July you will get our famous CD “Vamos! Football” for free. Only write in the comment space of your order “please do not forget to send me my football CD for free” and you will get it with your shipment!

Have a look at the CD!

Vamos" Football

Get informed about the DyM-club and join the club right now:


Many regards from the DyM team
Alexandra Reents

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