13.09.2006: New CDs, dance salsa, DyM-chat, winners ...

1. News from the November 2006 Salsa festival in Havana
2. Internal DyM-chat - quo vadis?
3. CD: News from the “King of Salsa”, Oscar D’Leon
4. CD: Frankie Negron is “Mejor que Nunca”
5. CD: Rock made in Mexico by Mana
6. CD: „Women“- Reggaeton by Lisa M
7. Winner of the „Salsafestival Berlin“-sweepstake
8. Last month’s winner

1. News from the November 2006 Salsa festival in Havana
Without fail, I want to point out once again the International Salsa meeting taking place in end of November in Havana. You won’t find as much Salsa as in this 2 weeks program soon! And neither will you experience so many Cuban live bands, as they normally don’t come across so numerous.

In cooperation with the event’s organization, we let you know, that we find an individual dancing partner for every person travelling alone and willing to participate in this festival. The whole package is at a very reasonable price. Find more informations here:

Salsa Festival Havana

2. Internal DyM-chat - quo vadis?
I’m sure some of you are interested in knowing the current status of our planned DyM-projects, in particular the Downloadshop and the Full-Song-Listening.

As I mentioned in an e-mail from August, 17th giving you an insight into Dym’s philosophy, I’d like to implement new projects together with you. I also explained that we need approximately 20.000 Euro to implement the project. Well, the state of affairs: We have half of the money!!! As we won’t find a decision in the next days, I just can say: IT REMAINS SUSPENSE-PACKED!! And at this point, I want to thank everybody involved and supporting the project “Danza y Movimiento” and everybody showing their willingness to stand with us by investing! As I mentioned, we still need about 10.000 Euro. Are you with us?

3. Oscar D’Leon, the so-called “King of Salsa”, finally has brought out something new for his subjects. As the title “Fuzionando” already indicates, you will find more than just pure Salsa-sounds. Besides the at the moment very popular influences by Reggaeton it mixes Cha Cha Cha and Spanish sounds. It features stars like Tego Calderon and Gilberto Santa Rosa. In any case, it contains lots of stuff for your city’s dancefloors:

Oscal D'Leon

4. Frankie Negrons CD is entitled “Mejor que Nunca”, in English “Better than ever“. Whereas I honestly don’t think his previous productions were worse than his current one. You will find Top-Salsa tunes to languish along with Frankie:

Frankie Negron

5. The Mexican Rockband Mana has published their long-awaited new album “Amar es Combatir”. Thereby they remained true to their style. They’re rocking again, as the the very first song “Manda una Señal” shows the direction the album is taking. Personally, I think this CD is undisputedly one of the best of this already legendary band:


6. There are not many women in Reggaeton who made it in this hard business and are respected. Lisa M is ranked as the Queen of Latin Rap and pioneer of Reggaeton. Still, her album “Respect” also contains sounds that remind me of the Orishas. It features stars like Voltio and Moncho Rivera.

Lisa M

7. Winner of the „Salsafestival Berlin“-sweepstake
With our news from August, 8th you could win a Full Pass for the Salsafestival in Berlin. The prize question was: Which is the new travel destination of “Danza y Movimiento Travels”? Monika Müller from Berlin is the winner with the correct answer, that is to say ECUADOR. Congratulions!

8. Last month’s winner
During your registration as a new user in our webshop we ask you to tell us how you found us. Filling in an answer makes you a participant in our monthly raffle. The winner in August is Janusz Zaporski from Brasil. Janusz browsed Wikipedia in search of information about Elektrotango and reached us. He can choose one CD from our label site!

Our LabelCDs

Best regards from Hamburg
Matthias (1,2,7,8) and Alexandra (3-6) from the DyM-Team

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