13.07.2006: Questions and answers

Today's newletter deals with your questions and suggestions that resulted
from our customer survey 2006 and
that we would like to answer today. The topics are:

1. Can I also book the DyM travel offers in a travel agency?
2. Why doesn't DyM work like Amazon?
3. Why do I have to pay for the DyM audio samples?
4. Why doesn't DyM have the complete programme of all the interesting Latin CDs?
1. Can I also book the DyM travel offers in a travel agency?
I already commented on the individual travelling with DyM in another newsmail, dated April 28th.

Newsletter from 28.04.2006

We support individual travelling by creating travel programmes together with you and by giving you the chance to have an intensive and unique experience in the country you travel to. Some of you told us that they would prefer to book their holidays at a travel agency. No problem. Just tell your travel agency about us. Many travel agencies don't know us yet, although we have also sold our travel offers via travel agencies for years now. So just book our offers at your travel agency ...

2. Why doesn't DyM work like Amazon?
Interesting enough, this question keeps appearing. Amazon would offer cheaper prices and the customer could also listen to all the CDs for free. Fair enough. Sure, you can buy at Amazon, because quite a few of the Latin CDs Amazon offers are delivered by us. We can't deny that Amazon has a very customer-friendly shop and that they are the market leader concerning CD sales on an international level. But Amazon doesn't earn money with selling CDs, and- as far as I know- , they never have. Just like other vendors of music with a monopoly (like for example Mediamarkt or Saturn in Europe) music only serves to attract customers to the shop or the virtual shop. But they make profits with other articles, not with CDs... Besides, Amazon does not keep a lot of CDs in stock. If their webshop tells you that the CD is in stock, then many times suppliers like us have it in stock, because Amazon makes the supplier deliver directly to the customer. Nothing against Amazon, great shop, but our concept as a specialized shop does not use CDs for promoting other products ...

3. Why do I have to pay for the DyM audio samples?
You are right - other shops let you listen for free, while we reserved this possibility to the members of our Club. It is as simple as that: we consider the audio samples and the possibility to listen to them as a service.

If you knew the structure of the visitors of our websites, you would understand why we believe that 0,99 Euro per month is not too much for what we offer: about 90% of the registered visitors of our webshop is from countries to which we don't even send 5% of our goods. There are a lot of reasons for listening at our shop without buying. Surveys showed, that most visitors of our shops who don't purchase from us download from the internet anyway or they buy in countries with a different level of income and with a different tax structure than Germany, which enables them to offer dumping prices for the CDs. We can comprehend these reasons and we cannot solve current problems of globalization and the music business. We we do try to keep up our offer for you in the future.

This is the reason why we created the DyM Club, because we want to show our commitment to those customers who are still willing to pay something for music or - to put in different words - to whom music still has a value. Yes, you have read correctly: People who are willing to pay for music nowadays belong to the minority. We have to develop new strategies in order to guarantee the survival of our services within the situation on the music market today.

We keep hearing the opinion that we deter potential cutomers from buying by charging them for our audio samples. I really doubt that. In this context, for example, it is interesting that the we could not note a drop in purchase numbers in our webshop after we started to charge for audio samples.

In any case, we do not intend to keep anyone from purchasing. Basic members of our club get a refund of the full yearly fee if they purchase for more that 100.- Euro within six months.

Support our efforts to keep offering you a broad music catalogue, also in the future! Become a Premium Member now!


4. Why doesn't DyM have the complete programme of all the interesting Latin CDs?
We would love to! This is why we are always happy about your advice and suggestions! Many new CDs are published on very small labels, thus, it is impossible for us to know all of them. Sometimes, we don't become aware of an interesting new release, and we appreciate your proposals of CDs you already know while we don't.

Do you have any other questions? Our CD shop

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as well as the Cuba area of our travel pages

Travel FAQ

answers frequently asked questions on a special FAQ-page ...

Many regards from Hamburg
Matthias from the DyM team

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