14.02.2006: Blas Rivera, Surprise offer, Prizes!

1. Blas Rivera meets Astor Piazzolla
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3. Two or perhaps three CD winners?

The new CD by the saxophone player Blas Rivera from Argentina has only been released a few days ago, and there are already enthusiastic press reviews! Recorded on various continents with an international cast, this is the fourth CD of Blas released by the label "Danza y Movimiento". Now, we don’t deal with the question whether this is Jazz or Tango – this CD is a music milestone. For the first time, we release a CD by Blas Rivera on which – like on the previous three CDs – there is not only one title by Astor Piazzolla and the others are written by Blas Rivera. Here, it is the other way around: One title is composed by Blas Rivera, the others by Astor Piazzolla. It becomes quite obvious – this is a hommage to the revolutionary model.

The Press:

Blas Rivera, according to himself, feels like a musician who is always caught between two stools: The Tango musicians don’t like his saxophone, the Jazzers think, he doesn’t improvise enough, and the classics say, he improvises too much. Still, these people are usually the most interesting. In the case of Tango, the unconventional combination of Jazz and classic by Astor Piazzolla made this music flourish again in the 1980s. Not surprisingly, Blas Rivera interprets his pioneer in his own expressive way. Often, the result is somehow lyrical, rather reminding of Nino Rotas soundtracks and not following the pure Tango air. Again and again, saxophone, bandoneon, piano, violin and cello swirl around and embrace each other in a baroque way. A funeral march also turns up, and later on pieces with more fast-paced rhythms. If this was generated electronically, one would have to call it Drum’n’Bass. There also appear some duets, one of them showing the Spanish influence on Tango. And in the end a cacophonic Tango mixes with a waltz. Rivera calls his music “bastard salad”. And he is right in a pleasant way. (Jazzthetik)

He is always caught between two stools, says the Argentinian Blas Rivera who lives in Rio. The Jazzers miss the dominant improvisational parts in his music, the Tango faction doesn’t appreciate the saxophone in the line-up, the classics, finally, regard his instrument as an inferior one. Well, this is not much different to the case of his model, who was neither accepted amongst the rigid purists. We are talking about Astor Piazzolla here, whose compositions have been elaborated in an unusual way. It is fascinating how Rivera’s arrangements follow the overtone correspondences and dissonances between the tenor sax and the bandoneon. Besides, it surprises what the wind player created out of some well-known Piazzolla pieces. "Libertango", for example, turns up with some brassband-like movements, which are accompanied at some stage by a diabolic electronic guitar solo. It is also impressing that Rivera meets the unpretentious (and at the same time moving) tone of his idol with his solemn soli. The tenor saxophone player is undoubtedly a dignified and worthy successor of Piazzolla. (Jazzthing)

Being an hommage to the model figure of Tango Nuevo, Astor Piazzolla, this fourth CD by the Argentinian cosmopolite and saxophone player Blas Rivera only contains one title written by himself. This is quite surprising, because insiders know Blas Rivera as THE successor of Piazzolla, and here he deals with Piazzolla`s compositions. The high quality CD was recorded with an international band and nine guests from Brazil, England, Uruguay, France, the USA and Italy. Thus, the B. Rivera Quartet (piano, violin, bandoneon, sax) is amplified or reduced depending on the title to (e-) guitar, drums, double bass, voice, cello, alto saxophone, synthesizer or the like, so that every track constitutes a special arrangement to which the sax subordinates itself (Rivera doesn’t exploit guests and Piazzolla, but transforms). This creates a CD one can listen to wonderfully from start to finish and which really surprises. The “old” hits like Michelangelo, Libertango are experienced in a new way, provoke a new understanding (just like the best ”el loco“ recording I know): If you appreciate Piazzolla, the sound of a virtuoso playing sax, or simply “bloody good” music, you will love this CD.
(Corina Oosterveen für das Magazin Folker)

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Blas Rivera

2. Surprise offer for all Premium DyM Club members

We already announced that there is not only a 10% discount and many other advantages for Premium members of the DyM Club but small and big surprises from time to time. This is the first one:

If you are already a Premium member or if you become one today, February 14th , you will receive the new CD by Blas Rivera for free with your next order, if you wish. Just add the CD to your order, we won’t charge you for it. This offer is valid for all orders reaching us until 26/02/06.

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3. Two or perhaps three CD winners?

We don’t know for sure yet, if two or three persons will win a CD ...

When you register as a new customer in our webshop, we ask you to tell us briefly, how you became aware of us. If you fill in this corresponding space, you participate in our monthly raffle. The winner of January is Armin Esslinger from Bad Rappenau-Bonfeld. His message for us when he registered: Recommendation by Susanne Beckmann. So who is FrauBeckmann? Please contact us and you can choose a CD for your friendly recommendation!

The second or alternatively third winner is as usual the 20th person who wrote a review to one of our products. Michael Dorwarth was thrilled by the CD “Tango Brasileiro”. Read his comments here:

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