10.01.2007: New Salsa-CDs, new Tango-CDs, Tanghetto Tour

1. New CDs by Africando and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
2. Tango Nuevo by Tango Jointz, Tango à Trois
3. Tanghetto tour dates

1. New CDs by Africando and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Africando: Ketekuba
Senegal meets Salsa
Great production. It becomes evident that Salsa does not only work in Spanish. After three years, the public has awaited eagerly the new album by Africando following the previous recordings Baloba!, Betece and Martina. It is an hommage to Gnonnas Pedro, who was one of the singers of Africando until 2004. Listen to the CD! The booklet shows the translations of the songs.

Africando: Ketekuba

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico: Arroz con Habichuela

This legendary Salsa Combo has survived in the music business for 45 years now, and it has inspired Salsa enthusiasts ever since. Their first recording since 2004 prooves that Salsa doesn't need pomp, pop or rap in order to be up-to-date. The musicians convince with their musicality and they bewitch both dancers and lovers of music. Wonderful!

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico: Arroz con Habichuela

2. Tango Nuevo by Tango Jointz, Tango à Trois

Tango Jointz: Palermo Nuevo
The Electrotango, the Neotango - became popular with Gotan Project, Bajofondo Tango Club and Carlos Libedinsky. Being an insider tip for music enthusiasts in the beginning, it soon gained acceptance in the Milongas. Tango Jointz named their debut after a dance club in Buenos Aires and they combine tango rhythms with down tempo beats. 7 of the 8 tracks are with vocals. Here are sound samples:

Tango Jointz: Palermo Nuevo

Tango à Trois: Café Banlieu
Peter Ludwig, addicted to Tango for 30 years now, founded the legendary "Tango Mortale" with Anja Lechnerin 1983. Three recordings were published between 1995 and 1997: Tango Gift, Magnétique Tango and Tango à Trois. Various national and international performances added to their big success. The composer and arranger interprets tango in his own way. His Tango compositions are not "gloomy, depressive and bloody" like others we know from Argentina. The new production is called "Café Banlieu". A new line-up - Arben Spahiu, Peter Wöpke, Peter Ludwig -, a new band name - Tango à Trois - but still the same passion!

Tango à Trois: Café Banlieu

3. Tanghetto Tour dates

For Fans of Electrotango: Here are the tour dates of Tanghetto:

04.01.07 Allessandria, Italy
06.01.07 Forli, Italy
12.01.07 Roma, Italy
14.01.07 Napoli, Italy
19.01.07 Wiesbaden, Germany
20.01.07 Eindhoven, Netherlands
21.01.07 Antwerp, Belgium
22.01.07 Louvain, Belgium
23.01.07 Groningen, Netherlands
24.01.07 Düsseldorf, Germany
25.01.07 Hamburg, Germany
27.01.07 Stuttgart, Germany
30.01.07 Freiburg, Germany
31.01.07 Bonn, Germany
01.02.07 Berlin, Germany
03.02.07 London, UK
04.02.07 London, UK
24.02.07 La Viruta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The sound samples might be an inspiration for the concerts:

Buenos Aires Remixed


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