16.08.2007: Some entertainment for the holiday season...

Many people are on vacation at the moment. But it doesn't matter if your on holidays or not - Let yourself be entertained by today's DyM Newsletter...

I am sure you have heard about YouTube. This internet portal offers videos en masse. In many cases this is illegal, considering music and other rights, but nobody seams to care nowadays. At least not the users.

I have found some curiosities recently on my little YouTube excursion, which I would like to present to you. But please don't watch them during work hours - your boss wouldn't like it ... :-)

We start with the jazzy Tango saxophone player Blas Rivera, who - by the way - has already published 4 CDs with the DyM label. Hobby filmmakers have posted eight (!) video clips on to the Net. So if you want to see images of Blas Rivera, click on the following link:

Blas Rivera

The Argentinian Alberto Caleris is also an artist represented by DyM. He lives in Quito, right on the equator, and there are several videos and video clips by him on YouTube. There, you will see that he is yet another artist unknown in Europe who fills stadiums in Ecuador easily Take some time for watching the clips with Alberto Caleris:

Alberto Caleris

The videos by Cantoamerica from Costa Rica are not exactly fit, technically speaking. What - you don't know Cantoamerica yet?! Everybody knows them in Costa Rica! And they are really great! Band leader Bandleader Manuel Monestel is truly an original and it is worthwhile watching the clips just because of him!


This is the CD with a selection of the best recordings by Cantoamerica:

CD by Cantoamerica

and Premium club members can even listen to the complete tracks in our webshop ...

Now a bit of Tango, as we don't want to bore the Tangueros and Tangueras... A Tango freak from New York has posted beautiful recordings by tango artists on to YouTube. There is for example the charming singer Mercedes Simone, who is also represented as the main artist on one of our CDs:
CD by Mercedes Simone

We spared no effort ... :-)
If you want to see and hear Mercedes Simone live, we recommend the following video:
Mercedes Simone Live

But you can also watch somebody filming a grammophone, where the voice of this extraordinary singer resounds groove by groove:
Mercedes Simone Grammophone Live

This is almost as exciting as watching a running washing machine, but the sound is not comparable ...

Another important Tango artist is Pedro Maffia. His CD published by us:
CD by Pedro Maffia

Maffia solo with his bandoneon. Don't miss out on it:

Finally, some Salsa discoveries. My favourite track "Sucesos" has actually been posted on to the Net completely legally! I like the video even after 10 years, because exactly 10 years ago, DyM published its first CD "Fiesta" and "Sucesos" is the very first track: "Sucesos" on CD:

Video clip "Sucesos"

This is another highlight from the CD "Fiesta". Do you remember the Colombian legend? This is him with the title "La Guerra de los Callados":
La Guerra de los Callados

The "last dance" is something Cuban. You really have to watch this video entirely, because this is when it starts to become interesting, even if the audience jumps up after 30 seconds. There is Salsa dancing in China. In the video clip you can watch a Chinese dancer dancing withe a female Cuban. And you will be surprised - people from China can also dance Salsa! This is a recording from the Taiwanese television

Salsa chinese

The background music can be found on this CD:

Cuban Top Artists

A little advice at this point - don't watch the videos when everybody else is watching, because it can become quite bumpy on the screen, even with DSL 6000.

Have fun and many regards from Hamburg
Matthias Möbius and the DyM team

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