29.10.2007: Caceres, Salsa in Cuba Easter 2008

1. Salsa-Intensive: Group journey Easter 2008
2. Tango - new CD by Juan Carlos Cáceres: Utopía
3. Win new customer: receive 80 Euro product-coupon!
1. Salsa-Intensive: Group journey Easter 2008 - book now!

"Muevete a lo Cubano" is a dance workshop, which offers 14 days of intensive Salsa dancing as well as a specific preparation for the movement dynamics of Latin American dances. The methodology of individual learning within a group developed especially by "Danza y Movimiento" makes this offer suitable for both, beginners and advanced dancers. The Salsa classes give you an individual learning guideline, which allows you to advance together with your Cuban dance partner according to your own speed. Movimiento, the class for Salsa-isolation techniques, teaches you the basic repertoire for all Caribbean dances from Salsa to Reggaeton. This preparation of dance techniques is important, because Salsa doesn't become accessible by the practising of step combinations and figures, but because of the security you have when working with your own body.

Your travel representatives are Susanna and Matthias from "Danza y Movimiento". You can count on competent contact persons for all your questions and you receive advice for dancing, strolling around and excursions.

You can get more information on this journey here:

Muévete A Lo Cubano

Easter is peak season, so please book well in advance. There are also special services designed for children during this journey, so travelling with children would is no problem at all.

2. Tango - new CD by Juan Carlos Cáceres: Utopía

The musician with the characteristic, husky voice is back with a new album: "Utopía". His Tango, which is a fusion of various rhythms like Tango, Milonga, Candombe and Murga, is admired by music enthusiasts and dancers alike. The percussion elements add a dynamic and fascinating rhythm to the tracks. The singer, trombonist, pianist, composer and painter Cáceres has lived in Paris for many years and calls his music "Tango Negro".

The CD is now ready for immediate delivery.

Juan Carlos Cáceres: Utopía

3. Win new customer: receive 80 Euro product-coupon!

This is a special offer concerning the journey to Havana in March 2008 as described above. You will receive a product-coupon of 80 Euro for every person booking the journey because of your information. Do you know somebody who could be interested? Then please ask us for a pdf-flyer with a short description of the journey. You can then print it, hand it out, hang it out or forward it to people you know as a pdf-attachment. Just send an email to info@danzaymovimiento.com and we will send you the flyer.

You can choose from any product of our webshop using the coupon. And if you use the 80 Euro at once, we will send everything without shipment costs...

Many regards from Hamburg
Tanja (2) and Matthias (1,3)

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