04.09.2007: News at DyM-music-shop

1. Many improvements in our shop!
2. Orders for CDs which are out of stock possible until 30.09.!

1. Many improvements in our shop!
Have you had a look at our music shop during the last weeks? There are significant changes:

- the new layout makes the shop even more appealing
- the DyMLog, our blog, gives you current information on the welcome page
- there are THREE formats of audio samples!

And: For approximately one year, it has been obligatory to become a member of the DyM club in order to be entitled to use the audio samples, now there is a new model. You don?t have to be a member now in order to get a short sample of a music title. At the same time, it has become more attrctive still to become a Premium member, because it allows you to listen to the full tracks of many CDs. Every CD indicates the availability of the audio samples. If you are interested in the recording quality of a track, choose the short version (192kb). If you are not sure whether you want to buy the CD, listen to the full track in 96kb.

Just check it out!

DyM shop

2. Orders for CDs which are out of stock possible until 30.09.!

The DyMLog and the last Newsletter has already informed you about the fact that the CD department of Danza y Movimiento might not be continued due to economic reasons.

(Unless a supporter of good music decides to give us an interest-free loan of 175,000 Euro. In this case, the business could be kept up for three more years. Even if 100,000 Euro would allow us to continue - we haven?t found anybody with the financial means so far who is really interested in the survival of our shop. We have received many declarations of solidarity, though! Thank you for this form of support!)

The consequence: We can process order of CDs which are currently out of stock until September, 30th. We will then place our last orders with our suppliers. So please keep in mind: orders for out-of-stock items are only possible until the end of this month!

Of course we will always keep selling our label CDs in the future.

Many regards from the DyM-team
Matthias Möbius

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