24.07.2007: Orientation, Chavela Vargas, Raffle, Cuba now

1. Orientation assistance at Danza y Movimiento music
2. Chavela Vargas: Cupaima (CD + DVD)
3. Africando: CD raffle
4. Cuba - journey for spontaneous travellers
1. Orientation assistance at Danza y Movimiento music It isn't really easy to not loose orientation when looking at a large catalogue of CDs. This is why we are trying to help our customers by offering special pages of recommendations. There, you can look for new releases amongst the genres Tango, Salsa, Merengue and Bachata , but there are also categories like "Innovative Tango", "Reggaeton" , "Folklore and Songwriters" and many more. Have a look:


Or you might have found an interesting CD, but you cannot really imagine what it's like. The length of the CD and the release date are indicated, and you can also see the name of the CD label in many cases as well as the track listings and the audio samples. Still, it is also helpful to read other peoples' opinions on the CD. Everybody can write his personal impression on a product, but there are also reviews of music journalists and DJs. The following CDs, for instance, are described in siginificant comments. You simply have to click on "Reviews":

Combo Tango: Milonga del Angel

Tango Fusion Club Vol. 2

United we Swing by Spanish Harlem Orchestra

So far, most of the reviews are in German, but we are happy to include international comments! So go ahead, give us your opinion and win a CD from Africando! 2. Chavela Vargas: Cupaima Not every music we deal with is dance music. Of course, there is for example Tango, Merengue and Salsa but there are also productions of exceptional artists we would like to present to our customers. The Mexican artist Chavela Vargas, one of the most impressive singers and personalities of Middle and South America, has made her dream come true and she has rerecorded many of her most famous and most popular songs with new arrangements: The 87-year-old singer is not only accompanied by two guitars, as usual, on the CD "Cupaima" but also by traditional Mexican instruments like special flutes and percussion instruments. This project, supported by the University of Guadalajara was also documented for a movie. Thus, a documentary was created with live recordings of some studio sessions and intensive conversations with Chavela Vargas on life, her songs, the world, her childhood. This movie with English subtitles is included as a bonus DVD to the audio CD. By the way, "Cupaima" won the prize for "DVD-video-production" awarded by "Deutsche Schallplattenkritik".

Chavela Vargas: Cupaima

3. Africando: CD raffle Africando from Africa plays first class Salsa, which you shouldn't miss! The band's world tour just came to an end and we brought you three copies of the latest album "Ketukuba".


These three CDs can be won by the recipients of our DyM-News. You just have to tell us your opinion on "Ketuba" or any other CD from our music shop until July 31st! 4. Cuba - journey for spontaneous travellers It is really time yet to think about Christmas vacation. But if you prefer to travel spontaneously to Cuba still in July or August, you don't have to become desperate. Our good contacts in Cuba allow us to organise a travel programme for you according to your personal preferences. No matter what you would like to do- dancing, taking percussion classes or learning Spanish - we arrange everything for you and can also pick you up from the airport in Havana or in Santiago de Cuba. So just arrange a flight and we will take care of everything else!


Many regards from Hamburg
Tanja Darwish and the DyM team

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