29.06.2007: Group journey Cuba, CDs from Colombia, Kevin Johansen

1. Group journey: International Salsa Festival 2007 in Havana
2. CDs: The best from Colombia - Ola Latina 1-3
3. CD: Kevin Johansen - Logo
4. The Spam problem

1. Group journey: International Salsa Festival 2007 in Havana

>From 17.11. - 01.12.2007, DyM organises a special Salsa group journey which does not only offer attractive travel components but also the participation in the 2nd International Salsa Meeting in Havana. If you want to get to know Cuba, to dance intensively during two weeks and to experience the best Cuban bands live and as part of our travel package, then this offer is perfect for you. The participants of the journey will stay in selected hotels or with Cuban families. The events and the supporting programme give you the chance to meet dancers from all over the world. And: If you book early you will receive a price discount!

More information here:

Salsa Festival Havana 2007

2. Colombia's best: Ola Latina 1-3

Joe Arroyo, Sonora Carruseles, The Latin Brothers, La Sonora Dinamita and many other Colombian stars are part of the samplers "Ola Latina" 1, 2 and 3. They show the impressive musical richness of the country: Salsa, Cumbia, Vallenato - everybody will find one of his favourite titles here, like "Yamulemau","La Pollera Colora" or "Ave Maria Lola". The expert compilations used top material from the archives of Discos Fuentes, probably the most well-known Colombian label.

Ola Latina 1

Ola Latina 2

Ola Latina 3

The price for one CD is 15,99 Euro each. If you order all three Ola Latina CDs, we can offer you a package price of 39,99 Euro (saving almost 8 Euro)! And as a DyM-Club Premium member your pride is only 35,99 Euro!! :-) If you want to order the Colombia package, please use this link:

Ola Latina 1,2,3

3. Kevin Johansen: Logo The Argentinian Kevin Johansen was born in Alaska and he also has Sacndinavian ancestors. Obviously, this man's music cannot be classified easily. Thus, also the fourth CD by this extraordinary artist is a wonderfully surprising album regarding the mix of musical elements: Milonga, Country, Pop, Murga, Folklore. Some songs are sung in English, some in Spanish. All the titles were composed by Johansen, and he combines great arrangements and witty lyrics.

Kevin Johansen: Logo

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Many regards from aus Hamburg Tanja (2-3) and Matthias (1,4) from the DyM team

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