22.05.2007: New CDs: Latin/ Tango, Gotan Project European Tour

1. New Latin CDs

Calle Real: Con Fuerza

Calle Real is a really special band: They play Cuban Timba music with different pop influences made in Sweden. The 10 musicians, none of them is Cuban by the way, already tested their talent and hot music in Cuba itself. In 2003, they received an invitation for the Benny Moré Festival in Cuba. There, the best Timba and Salsa bands meet and perform and international bands also participate. Let yourself be surprised by the quality of their music:

Calle Real: Con Fuerza

Paquito Acosta y Paquito Guzmán: Los Dos Paquitos
Paquito Acosta and Paquito Guzmán have been outstanding performers in the Salsa business for a long time. This is the first time they made an album together. Great Salsa from Puerto Rico!

Paquito Acosta y Paquito Guzmán: Los Dos Paquitos

Pedro Pablo & La Rebambaramba: Yo soy la noticia
Pedro Pablo Gutierrez is the former bass player and founder of the world famous Charanga Habanera, the big stars of Cuban Salsa/ Timba. This is the second production with his orchestra La Rebambaramba. The singers are Michel Perez, Mayito Gavilán und Michelito "El Vaticano".

Pedro Pablo & La Rebambaramba: Yo soy la noticia

Here are two interesting tango CDs by the record label Galileo we would like to present to the readers of this newsletter:

La Camorra Tango: 12 Postales

The ensemble was mainly known for being an Astor Piazzolla cover band. Now, they are showing what their great teacher taught them, and they go one stept further. All the tracks of 12 Postales are compositions by La Camorra and they are very challenging for dancers.

This is what Daniel Piazzolla, Astor Piazzolla's son, said about Camorra:

"After listening to the CD by La Camorra, I understood that not everything is lost in our country. There is a generation of young people who have studied a lot and who are very competent. They give us hope and a lesson of how one does not have to give up... When I discoverd La Camorra I felt the same as when I first listened Gossis, Agri, Kicho, López Ruiz and to my own father."

Make up your own mind:

La Camorra Tango: 12 Postales

Paulina Fain playing the flute and Exequiel Mantega formed the Duo Fain-Mantega in 2004. Their repertoire contains tango classics in their own interpretations, new compositions and pieces by Astor Piazzolla. Their music is unique and special with an intimate character, which sometimes changes and which is full of virtuosity.

Both musicians developped the musical career in various tango ensembles and orchestras. With concerts in Argentina and the rest of the world, they were parts of "Tango Desatado", "Las Pibas", "Tangata Rea", as well as accompanists of singers like Sandra Luna, José Angel Trelles, and they played with trios like "Mantega-Mielgo-Condomí" and the "Quasimodo trio".

Also this CD is rather concertant and not really easy for the dancefloor, but maybe we are totally wrong with our opinion. So please find our for yourselves:

Fain + Mantega: Tango

Gotan Project were the pioneers of Electrotango. This is your chance to see them live on stage:

22.05.2007 MA Skopje
25.05.2007 FR St Laurent du Cuves
26.05.2007 FR St Brieuc
28.05.2007 UK London
29.05.2007 DE Hamburg
30.05.2007 DE Köln
31.05.2007 DE Stuttgart
03.06.2007 CH Neufchatel
12.06.2007 PL Warsaw
15.06.2007 UK London
29.06.2007 BE Bruxelles
04.07.2007 FR Nîmes
07.07.2007 BE Bruges
08.07.2007 DE Duisburg
10.07.2007 FR Beziers
13.07.2007 FR Cauterets
17.07.2007 FR Perpignan
19.07.2007 IT Mantova
These are CDs by Gotan Project:

El Norte

Inspiracion, Espiracion

La Revancha del Tango


La Revancha del Tango

Tanja Darwish and the DyM team

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