25.09.2007: Tango vinyl series, Sabá Tango book, Gloria Estefan, Manu Chao

1. Series for Tango lovers
2. Tango for reading
3. New Latin-CDs by Gloria Estefan and Manu Chao
4. Backorders only until 30.09. - some new thoughts...

1. Series for Tango lovers

The series Vinyl Replica consists of 20 CDs. The original sound recordings are records from the decade 1960-1970. They have never been published before on CD and they were remastered for the production of the CDs. Thus, collectors of Tango music will love these new releases.

The following link leads you to the general starting page, on which you will find our search engine on the top right. There, you can simply enter the following term: Vinyl Replica

DyM Shop

2. Tango for reading

"Embracing Tango" is the new book by Benzecry Sabá, in which the author deals with the Tango world from various perspectives. On the one hand, he explains the technique of the dance and describes both the posture as well as basic steps, ocho and turns. He also gives an entertaining list of codes and strategies which guarantee a successful evening at the milonga. Thus, everybody who always wanted to know who asks whom to dance in which way and if kissing is allowed, should have a look at this book:

Embracing Tango

The book is also available in Spanish, French and German.

3. New Latin-CDs by Gloria Estefan and Manu Chao

Gloria Estefan: 90 Millas

For more than 20 years, this artist has been in the music business now. Starting with the album "Mi Tierra" (1993), which she recorded in her mother tongue Spanish, she became a star also of Latin music. "90 Millas", a tribute to great Latin musicians of the last 50 years, is her new release. Guest stars on this CD are Andy García, Arturo Sandoval, Cachao, Carlos Santana, Chocolate, Generoso, Giovanni Hidalgo and many others.

Manu Chao: La Radiolina

The formar lead singer of the band "Nano Negra", which was extremely popular in the independent music scene in the 1980s and 1990s, has already recorded some other solo albums, like "Clandestino-Esperando la última Ola" and "Próxima Estación Esperanza". Now he is back and moves us with intelligent, contemporary lyrics which are critical without being presumptuous and which represent the sound of urban world music in combination with catchy melodies. 4. Backorder only until 30.09. - some new thoughts....

We are still trying to work out a way which allows us to get CDs for you which are not in stock any more (backorder) after 01/10/2007. One approach could be that only Premium Club members will be able to order CDs which are out of stock. In this case, though, we would be the only shop worldwide where customers would have to pay something before they order - and if it is only the club membership. We would be happy to know your opinion on this thought...

With kind regards from Hamburg
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