15.11.2007: Hit sampler 2008 and Tango waltzes

1. Salsahits, Merenhits and Bachatahits 2008
2. Unforgettable Tango waltzes
3. Last chance for the Salsa Festival this month in Havana
1. Salsahits, Merenhits and Bachatahits 2008
Salsahits 2008, Merenhits 2008, Bachatahits 2008: These highly anticipated annual compilations have just arrived at the DyM warehouse and are ready to be shipped. The biggest stars of the genres are part of these new entry hit mixes.

Salsahits 2008

With Victor Manuelle, Johnny Rivera, Issac Delgado, El Gran Combo, Tito Nieves und Tito Rojas amongst others.

Merenhits 2008

With Elvis Crespo, OLga Tañon, Kinito Méndez, Eddy Herrera, Los Toros Band und Rikarena amongst others.

Bachatahits 2008

With Aventura, Zacarías Ferreira, Monchy & Alexandra, Frank Reyes, Luis Vargas und Joe Veras amongst others.
2. Unforgettable Tango waltzes

Compilations of Tango waltzes are quite rare. Just recently, the sampler “Aquellos Valses Inolvidables” became unavailable, which disappointed many customers. But we have received a replacement for it, the compilation “Valses Que No Se Olvidan”. 10 of the 22 titles are identical with the ones of the CD “Aquellos Valses Inolvidables”, so please compare well, if you already own that CD.

Valses Que No Se Olvidan

The popular Waltz compilations published by the label Danza y Movimiento are still available as well:

Valsecitos De Antes

Valsecito Amigo

So, this winter, we can enjoy the 3/4 time.

3. Last chance for the Salsa Festival this month in Havana
Today, we have received the news that there are only a few tickets left for the Salsa Festival in Havana at the end of this month. Thus, if you can free yourself from your committments you should look for a flight quickly. The festival is part of our group journey (starting 17/11):

Salsa Festival Havana 2007

The festival starts on November, 25th, so we can still include it in a special travel package, which could allow you to stay another week in Havana after the festival, go to the beach, or both.

But: The deadline for the festival tickets is Monday, 19/11/07 !!!

Kind regards from Hamburg
Tanja Darwish (1,2), Matthias (3) and the DyM team

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