27.04.2007: New CD with Yiddish Tango, Narcotango Tour Europe 2007

1. Yiddish Tango
2. Carlos Libedinsky with Narcotango on Tour in Europe

1. Yiddish Tango

Karsten Troyke: Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts
"Tango oyf Yiddish" is the subtitle of this CD. The Oriente label is a specialist for extraordinary productions, which are far from "mainstream" tango. Karsten Troyke and the Trio Scho (violin, accordion, double bass, 5 titles with additional clarinet) manage to bewitch their listeners. Enchantingly they take us to the 1920s and 1930s and to the area of Yiddish "Schlager" songs in the 1950s. This is the link to the CD:

Karsten Troyke: Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts

2. Carlos Libedinsky with Narcotango on tour
These are the dates for the tour. All friends of Electrotango should keep them in mind.

03.05. Cesena (Italy)
05.05. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
08.05. Roma (Italy)
11.05. Bonn (Germany)
13.05. Hamburg (Germany)
17.05. DĖsseldorf (Germany)
18.05. Eindhoven (Netherlands)
19.05. Stuttgart (Germany)
20.05. Wien (Austria)
21.05. Graz (Austria)
23.05. Feldkirchen (Austria)
26.05. Berlin (Germany)
27.05. Kassel (Germany)
31.05. ZĖrich (Schweiz)
02.06. MĖnchen (Germany)
Who needs some inspiration for the concerts?


Narcotango 2

We would like to wish everybody a nice start for May and lots of dancing!

Best regards from Hamburg
Tanja Darwish and the DyM team

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