04.04.2007: Latin CDs and Tango-CD

1. Latin-CDs

Ibrahim Ferrer: Mi Sueño
Compay Segundo, Rubén González, Omara Portuondo, the Afro-Cuban All Stars and also Ibrahim Ferrer have become incredibly popular representatives of world music after the huge success of the Buena Vista Social Clubs.
The album Mi Sueño is the last one of the wonderful Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer and it is fully dedicated to the Bolero. Like all the other productions by the label World Circuit, this album stands out for its sensitive interpretation, which makes the music develop a unique beauty. Here are sound samples:

Ibrahim Ferrer: Mi Sueño

Juan Luis Guerra: La Llave De Mi Sueño
Juan Luis Guerra is the artist who probably made the typical music from the Dominican Republique popular in the world. CDs like Bachata Rosa and Areíto opened the floodgates to Merengue and Bachata. The latest production by Juan Luis Guerra offers a mix of Bachata, Merengue, Salsa and also Rock:

Juan Luis Guerra: La Llave De Mi Sueño

Ricardo Lemvo: Isabela
Afro Salsa from one of the best! This CD is quite exceptional to listen to and to dance to. You will find Soukous, Son, Boogaloo, Bolero, Salsa, Rumba. The songs are in Portuguese, Kikongo, Spanish, Lingala and Swahili. Very special, and especially good:

Ricardo Lemvo: Isabela

2. Tango-CD

Combo Tango: Milonga del Angel

Critics and music enthusiasts alike were thrilled with the first Combo Tango CD. The second CD presents compositions by Piazzolla, Troilo, Pugliese and again, the result is fantastic. Here are some reactions to Milonga del Angel:

"A pearl. A joy to listen to. The quartet plays with an intensity and feeling that expresses superbly the vitality, power and vulnerability of the Argentine style of music. 5 out of 6" Bergens Tidende, Norway

"This is music fully alive - and in these hands and heads more powerful than ever. 5 out of 6" TV2

"Combo Tango manages to create music so full of sensuality and atmosphere that I almost get overwhelmed by emotions. 5 out of 6" Rana Blad

"The ensemble is tight, energetic and playful. A lovely and useful record. 5 out of 6" BA

"Vibrant and playful tango of the first order. 5 out of 6" Lyd og Bilde

"A record full of impressive single achievements in a playful and energetic, well together ensemble. I can see the smile they must have, in the the corner of their mouths, while playing" Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

"Lovely record from the Norwegian Combo Tango. Combo Tango plays successful, glorious tango with a hint of nordic tonality" POLITIKEN, Copenhagen

We are also enchanted by the musical virtuosity and the sensual atmosphere the CD creates and we would like to recommend Milonga del Angel to all our Tango customers:

Combo Tango: Milonga del Angel

We would like to wish you a sunny and happy Easter!
Tanja Darwish and the DyM team

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